19 March 2020: Statement from Darwin Port regarding Caledonia Sky

The Port continues to follow the information provided by the Department of Health, Australian Border Force and Biosecurity for the safety of its staff and stakeholders. Protective clothing and equipment has been provided to front line staff and Government information has been distributed throughout the Port.

Darwin Port takes the health and wellbeing of employees, contractors, users of the Port and the local community seriously and we are monitoring developments following the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) closely.  


Australian Border Force update advice following cruise ship restrictions

30 day suspension on cruise ships

On 15 March 2020, the Australian Government announced a full restriction on arrivals of any cruise ship that has left a foreign port.  The restrictions are inclusive of direct arrivals and Round Trip Cruises (RTC).  This measure will be reviewed after 30 days.  From 0001 AEDST 16 March 2020, Australia will deny entry to any cruise ship that has left a foreign port, with the exception of:

  • Australian-flagged vessels.
  • International cruise ships en route having departed their last overseas port and destined for Australia.
  • Australian cruise vessels (domestic cruise ships) operating within the Australian Exclusive Economic Zone can continue to operate without restriction.
  • RTC’s that are already in progress and currently returning to Australia.

Cruise ships that do not meet the above exemptions, may be approved through the Maritime Traveller Processing Committee (MTPC).  These approved cruise ships will be required to go to Brisbane or Sydney.

Caledonia Sky arrival at Fort Hill Wharf

  • Australian Border Force granted clearance to the Caledonia Sky to enter Darwin Port on 19 March 2020. 
  • Caledonia Sky is exempt from the current 30 day suspension given it was en route to Australia at the time the 30 day suspension was put in place. 
  • Caledonia Sky is at anchor at Darwin Port and will berth at Fort Hill Wharf at 7:00PM Friday 20 March 2020 shortly after the Silver Sky departs.
  • She has no passengers on board and a crew of 67.
  • Department of Agriculture staff and Darwin Port staff who board the ship will use protective clothing and equipment, which will be disposed of shortly after use. 
  • All crew will be required to self-isolate on board, the only exception being crew who have to come onto the wharf to complete essential ship services. 
  • There will be no shore leave during the 14-day self-isolation period. 
  • The 14-day self-isolation period commenced on Sunday evening 15 March when the ship left PNG.
  • The crew will be allowed shore leave once the 14-day self-isolation period has concluded (29 March)
  • Caledonia Sky is between charters and will remain in Darwin until the end of April at this stage.

Darwin Port requires strict adherence to the procedures outlined above and risk assessments are conducted by various Government agencies at the Port. 

Darwin Port is continuing support for our long standing customers during this challenging time and will continue to monitor Federal Government and medical advice on this issue and will update preventative measures as required.