Frequently Asked Questions

If you have not found what you are looking for please contact Darwin Port on 1300 327946. 


1.    Does Darwin Port (DP) provide computers to do my Online Induction component of DPIS?

Unfortunately DP does not have the facilities for this.

2.    What happens if my Online Induction doesn’t work or freezes?

Ensure that you read the error message and you may need to update software on your computer before you can continue. 

3.    Does continually pausing the Online Induction cause problems?

The Online Induction performs at its optimum if you let it run continually. Frequent pausing can cause it to freeze and you may need to restart the whole Online Induction again.

4.    What do I do once I’ve completed my Online Induction?

Once completed;

•    If you have registered for only 1 month access, proceed directly to the DP workplace Front Security Gate with your signed Training Record and photographic identification.

•    If you have registered for 12 months access, to collect your Port Entry Pass you will need to present with the signed Training Record and 100 points of identification to our Administration office at 11 Export Drive Berrimah.  

5.    Where can I collect my Port Entry Pass from?

The DP Administration building which is located at 11 Export Drive, Berrimah.

6.    When can I collect my Port Entry Pass?

Between the hours of 8:00am to 3:00pm, Monday to Friday.

7.    How will I know when my Port Entry Pass expires?

The expiration date is on your Port Entry Pass and/or Training Record. 

You will also receive an email from the Darwin Port Induction System approximately four (4) weeks prior to the expiration requiring you to complete the annual renewal of the Online Induction, failure to do so will result in the Maritime Security Guards denying you access to the DP workplace.  It your responsibility to ensure your Port Entry Pass is valid.

8.    What do I do if my Port Entry Pass is expired?

You should have received an email four (4) weeks prior to your Port Entry Pass expiring notifying you to complete the annual renewal of the Online Induction. Please locate this email and follow the steps identified in the body of the email.  

9.    What if I did not receive an email four (4) weeks prior to my Port Entry Pass expiry?

Please contact DP on 1300 327946.

10.    If my Port Entry Pass expires will I be granted access to the DP workplace?

No you will not be granted access.

11.    Can I register again for 1 month access within the next 12 months?

On expiration of your 1 month access you are unable to register again for 1 month within the next 12 months you must re-register for a 12 month Port Entry Pass. 

12.    Can I change my 1 month access to an annual Port Entry Pass?

Yes you can.  You must re-register for 12 months access.  You will receive an email link.  Please follow this to make payment and complete the induction again.  

13.    What do I do if I am refused entry at the gate?

Listen to the advice given from the Maritime Security Guards.

14.    What do I do if I have a one off visitor?

One off visitors must be arranged by contacting Security  Provide each visitors name, company and estimated date/time of arrival.  You must be a Port Entry Pass holder to escort a visitor.  

15.    If I complete my Online Induction and have my signed 12 month Training Record but I am outside the hours to collect my Port Entry Pass, can I use the Training Record to gain entry to the Port?

Yes you can with your signed Training Record and photographic identification however this will only be accepts for 14 days after you last completed the induction.  Example – If you have completed your Online Induction on the Friday 2 May, you will only be able to gain access until Friday 16 May.  You must then present to collect your Port Entry Pass.   

16.    What makes up 100 points of ID?

Documents for the 100 point check must be original or certified by a qualified person.

 70 Points

•    Birth Certificate

•    Australian Passport or other Passport that contains a valid Australian Visa

•    Evidence of Australian Residency

•    Australian Citizenship certificate

•    ASIC or MSIC Card

•    Ochre Card

40 Points

•    Australian Licence or Permit

•    Proof of Age Card issued by a State or Territory

•    Identity document issued by an Aboriginal Land Council established by or under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1976 (Cth)

•    An employee identification card issued by the Commonwealth, a State or Territory or a council under the Local Government Act that contains a photograph of the candidate

25 Points

•    Medicare, Pensioner Concession, or Health Care Card, credit or debit card or financial institution passbook (1 per institution only)

•    Council rates notices (no more than 3 months old)

•    Utilities Notice e.g. Power and Water bill (1 per utility) (no more than 3 months old)

•    A document issued by financial Institution (no more than 3 months old)

•    Overseas Drivers Licence

17.    What are my options if I do not receive the Training Record after completing the Online Induction?

a)    Confirm you have completed your Online Induction by logging back in

If you have not completed, it will say ‘in progress’

If you have completed in full, it will say 'completed' or ‘up to date’

b)    Check your junk or spam email folders

c)    If you have not been successful in locating your Training Record after trying a) and b) please contact DP.  

18.  What do I do if I did not receive the receipt for the induction payment? 

Please contact Darwin Port Finance department at or 1300 327 946 with company name, name of inductee, date of payment and email address used when making payment.  

Business hours: or 1300 327946   

After hours: or +61 (8) 89190 816