Hot Works

Are you carrying out Hot Works on board the vessel?

Vessel Hot Work Permit (Online Web Form) Click Here

Vessel Hot Work Permit (Microsoft Word Form) Click Here

Diving Operations

Are you carrying out Diving Operations? Click Here

Commercial Harbour Dive Notification Form Click Here

Plant & Equipment Use

Are you carrying out any other work on the vessel which requires plant and equipment to be operated from the Wharf Deck?

Do I need a Permit? Click Here

Yes, I need a Permit to Work Click Here

Business Hours Contact

All Permit enquiries should be submitted during business hours and directed to Darwin Port Facilities, Maintenance Manager on 8919 0832.

After Hours Contact

Please contact the Port Landside Operations Officer on 1300 327 946.


The Darwin Port Permit to Work System Port Notice is issued Pursuant to Section 57 of the Ports Management Act 2015 (NT).