Conditions of entry


12 Month application requires a Port Entry Pass* (Long term requirement, exceeding 1 month) and 

1 month application (Short term operational need) 

  1. Read the Conditions of Entry in full,
  2. Register company details,
  3. Complete the online induction,
  4. Follow steps in Completion email.

If you do not receive an email, please check your junk/spam mail folder.

* 12 month registrations will receive a reminder email 4 weeks prior to expiry. 


Employers must validate that the employee they have registered is employed by them and understand that port access is only granted to persons who can demonstrate an operational need.  Employers must follow, and ensure their employees follow, any direction given by Darwin Port (DP) at a DP workplace and ensure that their employee has completed the DP induction themselves.  As the employer you will undertake to comply with all terms of conditions of entry and follow all reasonable directions or requests from a DP employee or representative to ensure your activities do not cause any adverse actions to any safety, environment, security or operational management of the workplace.

Employers must notify DP when an employee leaves their employment or when a port entry pass has been lost or damaged and will surrender the pass where required to so by DP. 


Employees registered by their employer must complete the induction themselves, read and understand the conditions of entry, and not allow anyone else to use their pass to enter a port workplace.  Employees must follow all reasonable directions or requests from a DP employee or representative to ensure the safety, environment, security or operational management of the workplace. 


DP reserves the right to remove persons from a DP workplace on the grounds that their actions or anticipated actions will reasonably cause someone or something to be involved in any type of incident or result in any type of damage.  A DP Enforcement Officer may, at any time, confiscate the port entry pass or training record for an indefinite period of time.  Port entry pass’s and training records remains the property of DP at all times.  


The DPIS process (12 month application) incurs a fee of $55.00 inclusive of GST.  This is payable via credit card payment before commencing the induction and receipt of the port entry pass.  Lost or damaged cards will incur a fee of $33.00 inclusive of GST to replace and must be collected and paid for on site by the person.  

The 1 month application is provided at no cost.  You are unable to apply for 1 month access again within the next 12 months therefore if you require longer access you will have to re-register for 12 month access and complete the induction again.  You will receive an email link.  Please follow this to make payment.  


Any person carrying an invalid/expired port entry pass or training record will not be granted access to a DP workplace.  It is the responsibility of the port user to ensure their access is valid at all times.


DP collects information on the registration form for the purpose of establishing security access to the Port of Darwin wharf areas and to meet the requirements of the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act 2003.  Such information is collected and retained in accordance with DP’s privacy policy available on the DP website.  Failure to provide this information in full may result in refusal of access to DP facilities.


Visitors must complete the Visitor Safety Security Procedure induction and will be under escort at all times by a port entry pass holder.  Visitors must not undertake any work at any time.


Darwin Port Administration Office

East Arm Logistics Precinct

11 Export drive Berrimah

Days: Monday to Friday 

Times: 8.00am – 3.00pm


It is very important that port users understand the nature of the working environment at all port sites and ensure any directions given by DP personnel are followed. It is expected that on entry you will contribute towards maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, be environmentally responsive and security conscious.

If you do not fully understand any condition of entry, or if you have any other questions or concerns, you are required to contact DP for clarification. or 1300 327946   


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